Lighting Contactors and Power Taps

We build custom high capacity lighting contactors to suit your application needs.  These controls are typically used in parking lots, intersections, highway entrance ramps and sub stations where several outdoor lights are wired to one location.  All of contactors and power taps shown below are built in the USA with the highest quality available in the market today.

SkyPower with 7 Pin Power Tap

Double Tap with 7 Pin Power Tap

Custom Enclosure and Pedestal Contactors

FP63300 - Socket Mounted Controls

FPN4AFA - 4 Jaw Meter Socket

FPN250 - 30A Lighting Contactor

FPN270 - 30A Lighting Contactor with Receptacle

FP280 - OWL Series Converted Power

FP283A - Continuous Auxiliary Power Tap

CL120 - Switched Dusk to Dawn Auxiliary Power

FP285A - Timed and Switched Auxiliary Power

FPS284 - Pass Through Spacer