Sunrise Technologies an affiliate of Electro Switch Corp., markets products under the following brand names:

Sun - Tech

World Leader in Roadway Dusk-to-Dawn Controls

FP Outdoor Lighting Controls

The Great-Granddaddy of all photocontrol companies


Wireless Utility Communication made easy

The OWL Series

Power Supplies for Pole Mounted Equipment

Dimming Control

Midnight Dimming Control

for Outdoor LED Lights

The Light Keeper

LED Dimming control

Sunrise Technologies Silver Spring OpenGrid

IPV6 Network Ready Street
Light Control System


The investment in technology validation underscores our commitment to deliver
industry-leading solutions. Features that are available in the OpenGrid Control are
covered under U.S. Patent No. 7,825,793 entitled
“Remote Monitoring and Control System” that was awarded by
the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The integrated features of the “Remote Monitoring and Control System” include:

- “ZigBee or other 802.15.4” Communication Nodes.
- “Unique Communication Address.”
- “Watchdog Function”.
- “Photo Control to a Street Light.”
- “Electric Power from the pole through a NEMA Locking Three Prong Receptacle.”
- “Web Site Access, In Home Display, e-mail, Telephone, or Pager.”
- “WiFi, Telephone, Cell Phone, Fiber, or Wi-Max.”
- “Server Linked to the Global Computer Network.”