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Dimulator - Field Adjustable & Adaptive Dimming for Outdoor LED Lighting


Sunrise Technologies Announces the Release of its 7-Pin Field Adjustable LED Dimming Twistlock Photocontrol, the Dimulator 4.

The Dimulator 4 is an ANSI C136.41 compliant field adjustable Outdoor LED twistlock dimming control. Dimming schedules and dim levels can be easily set in the field and are adaptable.


The Sunrise Technologies’ Field Adjustable Dimulator 4 with Bat Eye Circuit offers:


Vance Spillman, Vice President and GM of Sunrise Technologies says “the Dimulator 4 mitigates light pollution and wasted energy from LED fixtures burning brightly throughout the night”.

The Dimulator 4 with Bat Eye Circuit Technology is the latest addition to Sunrise Technologies’ family of control products for LED Street lighting applications. Sunrise’s other LED Street lighting Control product applications include network (e.g. IPV6, etc.) compatible wireless monitoring/control/dimming/metering, PC controlled wireless parking lot monitoring/control/dimming, and highly accurate Long Life Dusk-to-Dawn controls.

About Sunrise Technologies, Inc.

Sunrise Technologies is the world’s largest manufacturer of Roadway Lighting Controls. Through product development and acquisitions the high quality photocontrol product brands date back to the 1950s. Product groups also include products used in Municipal Wi-Fi and Wireless Communications Systems for Electric and Water utilities. Sunrise Technologies is a unit of Electro Switch Corp.

For more information contact:

JoAnne Micale
Sunrise Technologies