International Dark Sky Association (IDA) Recently Certified the Sunrise Technologies Dimulator as a Dark Sky Approved LED Light Dimming Device

February 08, 2018 02:08 PM Eastern Standard Time

BOSTON — (BUSINESS WIRE) — The IDA recently bestowed the prestigious Dark‐Sky Seal of Approval to the leading edge Dimulator™ series for being a tried and proven dimming control that minimizes glare, reduces light trespass and protects the night sky against light pollution. Leo Smith, the Northeast Regional Director for IDA says “We are very excited to have the Dimulator™ as part of our Dark‐Sky friendly products. Many utilities and municipalities can meet their state and federal mandates to conserve energy while greatly reducing light pollution. We strongly suggest that anyone who is responsible for street and area lighting consider a dimming control such as the Dimulator™.”
The Dimulator™ series is a group of outdoor LED twist‐lock photocontrols with environmentally friendly dimming capabilities. This ANSI C136.41 compliant field adjustable light control has multiple dimming schedules and dimming levels that can be easily set in the field. Adaptive features are available.

Vance Spillman, Vice President and GM of Sunrise Technologies says “The Dimulator series of products mitigates light pollution and wasted energy from LED fixtures that are burning brightly throughout the night.”
The Dimulator™ series, with the proprietary Bat Eye Technology, is a recent addition to Sunrise Technologies’ family of control products for LED street lighting applications. Sunrise’s other LED street lighting control products including a Smart City / Smart Grid wireless monitoring, metering and dimming control node, called OpenGrid, as well as a building automation controlled wireless node for monitoring, control and dimming of parking lot and campus applications.

About International Dark‐Sky Association
The International Dark‐Sky Association founded in 1988 is the recognized authority for night sky protection and has taken the lead in identifying and publicizing the negative impacts of artificial light at night on human health, wildlife and climate change. IDA works with the public, city planners, legislators, lighting manufacturers, parks, and protected areas to provide and implement smart lighting choices. IDA’s public outreach efforts provide solutions, quality education, and programs that inform audiences across the United States and throughout the world. At the local level, IDA’s mission is furthered through the work of its U.S. and international chapters representing five continents.

About Sunrise Technologies, Inc.
Sunrise Technologies is the world’s largest manufacturer of Roadway Lighting Controls. Through product development and acquisitions, the high quality photocontrol product brands date back to the 1950s. Product groups also include products used in Municipal Wi‐Fi and Wireless Communications Systems for Electric and Water utilities. Sunrise Technologies is an affiliate of Electro Switch Corp.

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